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Is the English game dying?

Verfasst: Montag 31. Oktober 2011, 23:48
von lightsol
Im just wondering, because its been around 2 years since the last posts. Does it really take that long to update the adventures and add new content?

Verfasst: Dienstag 1. November 2011, 15:08
von CM_Admin
We are currently working on an Android/iOS turnbased strategy game in The Dark Eye universe and even one more project ... :x Due to limited personal resources we have to prioritize ... and therefore ... Mea culpa! ... English versions of the solo-adventures are on hold. :oops: Hopefully we can come up with better news in just a few months.

Verfasst: Dienstag 1. November 2011, 16:35
von lightsol
Would it be possible to do some community translating assisting? I bet there would be quite a few people who would be willing to work on the translations, if not, i would be willing to work on them myself.
I am an avid fan of CYOA line of games, and when i found these games in one of my favourite universes, it got me quite a bit excited, but the low update rate is a bit saddening.

Verfasst: Donnerstag 3. November 2011, 20:45
von CM_Admin
Translation itself is not that difficult. Breaking into lots of programmed sentences is a big workload.

Verfasst: Freitag 4. November 2011, 00:19
von CM_Admin
lightsol hat geschrieben:i would be willing to work on them myself.
By the way: If you are able to read German, you can simple switch to German language in the "Account"-window, and back and forth without limitation.

You can play all adventures you paid for and naturally all adventures for free in both languages.

Verfasst: Dienstag 29. November 2011, 04:34
von Ayrina
I would also be willing to work on the translation, btw. :D

Verfasst: Sonntag 29. Januar 2012, 02:09
von CxR2262
Could be proved wrong when it comes out, but I'm not super excited about what you described for the android market. I can however play TDE-Games on my Android phone using it's web browser, so an app-interface for that could be nice. But more importantly the missing adventures in English!!!!

Verfasst: Montag 30. Januar 2012, 16:00
von CM_Admin
It's a matter of cost-effectiveness. Currently we develop three turnbased RPG-Strategy games for Android and iOS with the "The Dark Eye" universe. We'll see what we are willing to do with the browsergame on Android and iOS in English after finishing this work.