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Coming next week Free of Charge: Imperial Joust

Verfasst: Freitag 10. Juli 2009, 18:05
von CM_Admin
Imperial Protectress Emer ni Bennain of Gareth has invited everyone to the Great Spring Tourney and knightly bohort at Gareth. You, too, are on your way there to experience this spectacle. But as you witness a dishonorable crime, your plans change and the Imperial Tourney becomes the setting for a dastardly intrigue you have to uncover.

The Imperial Joust sets the scene for a multi-part adventure campaign called The Firestorm-Trilogy and is related to the most famous TDE-campaign: "The Year of Fire." We have been able to enlist the very best TDE authors for this:

Sebastian Thurau, who has recently published the outstanding printed solo adventure "The Black Oak" and has also written additional material for several of the browser adventures, is the author of Imperial Joust.

Tom Finn wrote the next installment, Skyfire. Tom is the author of Dragonfire, which, including some additional material by Sebastian, is often regarded as one of the best adventures among our players. The Imperial Joust and Skyfire will be closely linked. More on this next week, when we will be announcing some great news for all players!

The subsequent adventure is called Fire & Ashes. It is written by renowned author Hadmar von Wieser. It is going to present you with incredible challenges within the Old Residence itself - challenges that will culminate in a spectacular finale in War for the Crown by Anton Weste, author of "Battle in the Clouds."

The Imperial Joust will be available next week FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Verfasst: Freitag 10. Juli 2009, 23:05
von deadz
those are very good news! cant wait to see them...

though i would like to see other four modules in english too fist....

Verfasst: Mittwoch 15. Juli 2009, 16:50
von deadz
in the module i read that smiths "Know then that the smiths are in the service of the Royal Family and you will thus only have to pay a small amount of money, barely enough to cover the cost of the materials used"

however they asked over 50 ducats to repair my damaged mirror mail
yes i know that mirror mail is an expensive thing but i feel like this is not really cheaper than any normal smith would ask...

Verfasst: Mittwoch 15. Juli 2009, 18:23
von CM_Admin
Are you sure they ask for over 50 ducats or for over 50 silver thalers?

The regular price for a Mirror Mail is 1250 silver thalers. If it has lost completely all of its structural value what would mean 250 SV then repairing would cost 1250 / 5 = 250 silver thalers. That is 25 ducats.

If you get some other data then please send us a screenshot.

Verfasst: Mittwoch 15. Juli 2009, 19:07
von deadz
i am sure that was 550 silver (i had about 50 ducats at the moment and could not pay) sorry i didnt have a screenshot because i already finished the module

Verfasst: Mittwoch 15. Juli 2009, 19:21
von CM_Admin
Strange! If something like this happens again, document it (screenshot or copy the protocol), and send it to us.

Verfasst: Samstag 18. Juli 2009, 15:58
von Buff Tucker
I've also noticed armor repair is very costly, but I thought it was designed that way at first.
Now I can tell from your formula that we're paying 5 times the normal price for repairs.
Here's a screenshot where you can see that repairing 48 sv on a kuslikian lamellar (bought for something like 500 thalers) cost 120 thalers. ... 988.jpg?34

Verfasst: Samstag 18. Juli 2009, 21:50
von CM_Admin
A brandnew Kuslikian Lamellar costs 500 silver thalers, and comes with AR 4 which give him (AR) 4 * 50 SV = 200 SV. If you have weared of the first 50 SV, then the actual AR will be reduced to 3 and the Kuslikian Lamellar again has 50 SV.

If you would completely wear off all 200 SV then the costs for repairing it would be the same than buying a new one. Along the way of loosing SV the repairing costs are rising linear.

Anyway, we will do some changes at the end of July to provide a more satisfying system.

Verfasst: Sonntag 19. Juli 2009, 05:42
von deadz
just a thought
you say " regular" price mirror mail is 1250 thalers. but only place there i could get it at that time was a shop in Crypt raiders adventure and there it cost was like 2000 thalers :shock: so maybe cost of repair was derived not from "regular" price but on that increased price

Verfasst: Sonntag 19. Juli 2009, 14:28
von CM_Admin
The merchant in Bitterbush really is very expensive. This depends on the nature of this village.

In all adventures the prices of merchants and armorers may differ from the regularer price being cheaper or more expensive.

At the "standard" merchant and armorer "outside" the adventures you will find the regular prices for new goods or repairs.

Verfasst: Sonntag 19. Juli 2009, 16:22
von christiansteinke

hereby i want to say "hello" to all the english speaking users out there.

It is good to see, that there are more players, than only the german ones, who enjoy playing DSA (what is called "The Dark Eye" in english as i know).

And espacially i go down on my german knees to praise "Buff Tucker" who rules the "Online Fighting List" right now.
You are Number one ! Good job!

Well, thats it for now

Greetings from southern germany
Christian Steinke :D

Verfasst: Montag 20. Juli 2009, 23:08
von deadz

in round 4 of chain weapons competition i found very strange fighter he was wielding 2 handed oxherd with a shield and had attack 3...