english availability for k750i

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english availability for k750i

Beitragvon dan » Dienstag 6. Dezember 2005, 13:19

Are any of the games available in English for the Sony Ericsson K750i? The website only gives me german as an option when I select that model...
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Beitragvon CM_Admin » Mittwoch 7. Dezember 2005, 09:18

Hi dan,

Unfortunately we have to say: No, there aren't any TDE-Mobile Games available for the K750i in English. At 2004 when the first six adventures were published in English, the K750i wasn't available and at least until end of this year elkware does not fill up the leaks. We at Chromatrix hope, they will also support already released games in a better way next year.
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